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Posted by: Bobhinds

Associate Members - 22/11/08 11:45 AM

I understand that a motion was passed at the recent Annual General Meeting that effectively banned Associate Members of the ACA from sporting the ACA badge or tie. If this is so I would ask whether the matter was put to Branches for discussion before the event. If not,it should have been. If it was, and was still passed, I think that this is a very unkind and ungenerous rule that can only be seen as a lack of appreciation of the amount of work that Associate Members do in an increasing number of Branches. There are some Branches, I know for sure, which only exist due to the effrots of their Associate Members. Can anyone please throw more light on this one?
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Re: Associate Members - 08/12/08 01:19 PM

Hi Bob,
I have asked the Chairman to respond so you get it from the horse's mouth
Posted by: ACA Chairman

Re: Associate Members - 08/12/08 03:42 PM


Yes are quite right to highlight the AGM proposal from the floor and overwhelming vote to ban the wearing of regalia by Associates. Immediately after the event, as I was unhappy with this, I went out to branches to seek their views, meanwhile deferring this proposal as reflected in my foot note to the Constituional changes recorded elsewhere on the website)

The outcome is that the vote has been effectively overridden by the majority view of the branches and we will no longer allow proposals from the floor that have not previously been cleared by the branches. I will explain all this in the Spring Intercom.