Military Hospitals

Posted by: Vic Pheasant

Military Hospitals - 13/07/07 05:45 PM

The Forces Pension Society in their latest e-mail News Letter have pointed out that there is a petition running on the Downing Street website regarding Military Hospitals. It says:-

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals to provide adequate facilities (non NHS) for members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the course of their duties'

The petition closes on 6th August. The link is.

I thought it might be a worthy cause to put on the ACA Bulletin Board for those who might wish to sign up and/or pass on to colleagues & friends.
Posted by: Bryn Wayt

Re: Military Hospitals - 14/07/07 11:21 AM

Hi Vic,

I've signed the petition. What this hellish government have done to our troops is a damnable disgrace that should not be tolerated.
All MP's who do NOT sign the petition should be dragged from their leather seats, shoved into uniform and despatched to hot-spots and if they injured (and they will be by all the odds) bring them back and let them see first hand what happens to men/women with guts!

I feel VERY strongly about this, so excuse the candour.


Posted by: Flatiron

Military Hospitals - make sure you validate - 15/07/07 08:37 PM


When you sign the petition on line, you will receive an e-mail from the office of the PM. You must not delete this e-mail immediately (which most of us might be inclined to do without reading because anything from No10 makes me ) because it contains a link back to the petition site which you must click in order to validate that it was you that signed the petition electronically.

If you did delete without validating, either (but not both):
1. Recover from your "Deleted Mail" folder and action as above; or
2. Try signing the petition again.
Posted by: ACA Webmaster

Re: Military Hospitals - make sure you validate - 10/08/07 10:26 PM

This petition is now closed - it attracted 31,348 signatures
Posted by: ACA Webmaster

Re: Military Hospitals - 29/08/07 08:01 PM

The Government's reply is here