Flt Lt Geoff Jukes

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Flt Lt Geoff Jukes - 29/08/08 11:41 PM

Geoff Jukes was at Scampton on 617 Sqn in 1961. He flew with Sqn Ldr Mike Beavis(now ACM retired)and his crew on the first non stop flight from the UK to Australia on 21st/22nd June 1961. I would welcome any news of him and would like to contact him if possible.
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Re: Flt Lt Geoff Jukes - 16/09/08 09:34 PM

If it is the same Geoff Jukes he died from a heart attack after mowing the lawn at his married quarter at RAF Lindholme. He was at the StCBS and it must have been between 1968 and 1971
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Re: Flt Lt Geoff Jukes - 08/01/12 12:15 PM

Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Jukes AFC, (he already had the AFC when he navigated the first non-stop to Australia), was my father who died 2004 approx, in a nursing home in Suffolk (i think, we were not very close). He was at RAF Lindholme (1966-1969 approx) as an intelligence officer. We lived at RAF Finningley due to lack of officers quarters at RAF Lindholme.