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Identification Required - 11/02/09 06:31 PM

This is a long shot but maybe someone can point me in the right direction. My friend's father was in photo recon during WW2 and he was also an artist. He painted several portraits of his colleagues but, unfortunately, he never named the sitters. His daughter was moving recently and came across the sketches and asked if I could try and find out who the people were so that she could send them to their rightful owners/families. I have already posted these photos on SP and had some suggestions, one of which was to check out the Aircrew Association. I have joined the same organisation but have not done anything further. I am unable to attach the photos of the sketches and hope that someone may come up with a suggestion. One of the sitters was from the American Air Force so he will be a bit more difficult to contact.

Here is a small precis of my friend's father:


After early days around the Lincolnshire Bomber Bases he was transferred to Medmenham. Within 4-6 weeks of D-Day he was in France, with PRU, seconded to the 2ndTAF and followed the armies across France ending up in Brussels when VE was declared. In his free time he continued to paint, mostly in water colour including two interesting paintings of partially destroyed buildings in France. He also did portraits of colleagues, one of which is a pencil drawing of a Black American in USAF uniform. Unfortunately none are dated and neither are the sitters named.

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

John M.
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Send me the images and I will make them available to viewers of this Bulletin Board. E mail to:
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These are the images: