RAAF Officer Whereabouts

Posted by: mike dennard

RAAF Officer Whereabouts - 24/08/07 11:56 PM

I am seeking any information on Michael Greentree, a RAAF Officer I served with at RAAF Richmond in 1974 - 1975 while I was an USAF Exchange Officer with 36 sqn. Mike was in 37 Sqn and I last heard that he was living in the Adelaide area. He probably retired in 1988 - 1993 as a Wing Commander or Group Captain. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: RAAF Officer Whereabouts - 25/08/07 09:46 PM


There is no Michael Greentree registered as a member of the Aircrew Association in either the UK or Australia. Good luck with your search
Posted by: mike dennard

Re: RAAF Officer Whereabouts - 27/08/07 11:51 PM

Do know if the HQ RAAF Personnel organization tracks retirees and, if so, will they assist someone with their search?
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Re: RAAF Officer Whereabouts - 28/08/07 10:10 PM

I will ask my contact in Australia to see if he can assist with your latest question.
Posted by: Michael Dann

Re: RAAF Officer Whereabouts - 29/09/07 12:22 AM

I have contacted as many sources as I can to date without success. Will keep trying. It is a bit before the time of most of my contacts.
Michael Dann (Regional Secretary - Australia)
Posted by: Cattledog

Re: RAAF Officer Whereabouts - 21/06/08 10:15 AM

Hi Mike,

I think Mike's address and tel number are:

Little Forest Road,
Little Forest NSW 2538

(02) 4456 5019

Good luck.