Ian Nelson

Posted by: Roy Davey

Ian Nelson - 06/10/07 07:13 PM

From Roy Davey, Moonraker Branch. I understand Ian Nelson is out there somewhere. Would appreciate contact.
Posted by: ACA Webmaster

Re: Ian Nelson - 08/10/07 07:48 AM

There are Nelsons on the ACA database. Can you let me have more info on the one you are looking for - squadrons, approx age, wife's name - and I will look for a match.
Posted by: ACA Chairman

Re: Ian Nelson - 08/10/07 12:36 PM

bY Des Richard,

Ian is in Chiltern Branch.

01727 85667
Posted by: Ian Nelson

Re: Ian Nelson - 22/10/07 10:53 PM

Yes I am out here and very happy to receive emails to ianhn@onetel.com
Des got my phone number wrong so do not try & phone on that number. I have already contacted Roy by email.
Regards to all old comrades
Ian Nelson
Posted by: Ian Nelson

Re: Ian Nelson - 27/07/08 05:34 PM

Since writing the previous entry I have changed my email address which is now ianhn@talktalk.net. If you have tried to contact me and not had a reply please try again.
Best wishes to all old friends.

Ian Nelson