656260 Reginald Corbett (Observer)

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656260 Reginald Corbett (Observer) - 23/08/15 02:49 PM

This is my Grandfather, Reginald John Roberts Corbett or Reg Corbett. My family tell me that he flew in Wellington Bombers during WWII but know little else about his time in the RAF. He completed his training with No.1 Flight 2 Squadron 10 I.T.W. Scarborough. He was also stationed near Harrogate, Barnstable and Girvan (West Scotland)during his service.
I'm looking for anyone who may have known him, flown with him or that could shed light on his time in the RAF.
Thank you for looking
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Re: 656260 Reginald Corbett (Observer) - 23/08/15 03:02 PM

Have you tried looking up his service record via HERE ?
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Re: 656260 Reginald Corbett (Observer) - 24/08/15 12:37 AM

I followed the link and found an RJR Corbett who is listed as an Officer of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. His rank is given as War Substantive Flying Officer and his Primary Unit is Administrative & Special Duties Branch.
I'm not sure if this is him as there is no mention of his service number but the RJR Corbett sounds promising.
What is the Administrative & Special Duties branch's role/purpose?