F.Sgt.Alan Ronald Cook Wireless Operator

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F.Sgt.Alan Ronald Cook Wireless Operator - 27/11/08 04:24 AM

I'm looking for a family member F.Sgt Alan Ronald Cook who was a Wireless Op/Air Gunner on Wellington lll X3391 which was shot down on 28/29 August 1942. I came across this website about a year ago, but can't access it now : http://www.worldwar2exraf.co.uk/Aircrew%20Notice%20Board/aircrew%20notice%20board%20126.htm#1152
"Margaret Vick is seeking anyone who may remember her Father Flight Lieutenant (Gnr) James John Mullineaux (Jim or Jimmy) DFM. He was shot down on 28/29 August 1942 whilst flying Wellington III X3391 SR-A- and taken POW on 3/9/42
The crew were as follows
Fl Lt Peter John Cleverly Harper - Pilot
Flt.Sgt James Rutherford Dixon - Flt.Engineer
Sgt Hugh Colhoun - Navigator
F.Sgt Alan Ronald Cook - Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Sergeant Norman Alexander Skinner - Mid Upper Gunner
John was taken to Dulag Luft in Sept 42 and from Sep 42 - Aug 44 imprisoned at Stalag 344, Aug 44 to April 45 Stalag Luft III and finally liberated at Lubeck on 2 May 1945"

Is there anyone who knows anything of Alan Ronald Cook as I was told he was decorated for bravery in WW2, but I haven't been able to find out any more about him. His parents (if it's any help) were Gladys & Aubrey Cook who went to Singapore from the UK possibly in the 1930s.

Any info at all much appreciated.
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This is an update on my original post of November 2008. I have recently discovered that Alan Ronald Cook mentioned in my original post was definitely my cousin, and died in Krakow Poland on 19th June 1943. I found this information on the internet, courtesy of the War Graves Photographic Project 2008. The information on his gravestone includes the names of his parents, Gladys Lydia Lavinia and Albert T (not Aubrey) Cook. Family information was that Alan was decorated for bravery in WW2, but I have since found that it was his father who won the DSM with bar in WW2.
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Hi Tricia, who was your father and mother?