RAF and FAA in Pacific and East Asia

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RAF and FAA in Pacific and East Asia - 27/05/09 12:08 PM

Dear all,

I'm writing a book about the RAF in the Far East, 1944-1953, covering the direct campaign against Japan, the re-occupation of Malaya, Hong Kong, Siam and Indo-China, Tiger Force, and the occupation of Japan. I will also be covering the Fleet Air Arm with the British Pacific Fleet.

I am eager to hear from anyone who served in these areas, and is willing to talk about their experiences.

I can be contacted at: stu24279@hotmail.com

Many thanks
Stuart Hadaway
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Re: RAF and FAA in Pacific and East Asia - 06/06/09 02:33 PM


One of the ACA members, Philip Gurdon who has no Internet access, has sent me 2 articles he has written on his experiences in the Far East towards the end of WW2. I will e-mail them to you direct, together with contact details for Philip.

ACA Webmaster
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Re: RAF and FAA in Pacific and East Asia - 07/06/09 10:39 AM


The period you quote, up to 1953, covers the whole of the Korean War, but you haven't included that conflict in your list of operational theatres. Since the RAF were largely concerned with the Malayan Confrontation, they had no representation in the Korean theatre apart from individual secondments of RAF pilots to American squadrons and reconnaissance by RAF Sunderlands.

In the air, the British fighting force was entirely supplied by the Fleet Air Arm with significant success. Practically all of the interdiction of bridges, roads and dams was carried out by RN squadrons and one, 802 Squadron, actually destroyed MiG15's in combat.

Much has been written on this subject and I recommend that you read "With the Carriers in Korea" by John R.P. Lansdown.


Brian Randall