101 Squadron Lancaster id??

Posted by: Nigel r32

101 Squadron Lancaster id?? - 20/02/10 11:59 AM


I've been looking for info for weeks now on a particular aircraft used by 101 Squadron between April and December 1943.

My Girlfriends Grandfather, P/O Robert Roy Sparkes was the Bomb Aimer on 30 Sorties between 13/4/43 and 20/12/43. I have information that states his aircraft crashed on Landing on 5/5/43, and was written off, so I guess I'm looking for info on two aircraft??

I have seen some pictures of bombing raids, where he has written "W-101", "P-101", "N-101" and "K-101". Should I assume that his aircraft were SR-W,P and so on?

The only other info I have is that his Crews Pilot was F/S Kelly and another Crew member was Ted Wheelwright?

Any help or links to resources would be greatly appreciated.



Posted by: Kelvin

Re: 101 Squadron Lancaster id?? - 13/04/10 09:23 PM

He did in fact crash on the date stated - no injuries though to any crew member.
101 Squadron flying a Lancaster III ED776 SR-U Bar.
Crashed on landing at 03.20 hrs short of the runway and ran into a hut. Operation: Dortmund.
I do have the crew list for that operation and of course if you have any further information/photo's we would be proud to place a remembrance page to him.
Hope this helps
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Re: 101 Squadron Lancaster id?? - 26/01/14 12:49 AM

Nigel, previous link to my website has changed.
Be happy to provide you with further details on this crash landing and provide a page to your girlfriends Grandfather?