Sqgt Pilot Russell V Rosser

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Sqgt Pilot Russell V Rosser - 02/01/12 08:45 PM

Message from: Bob Naylor (robert.naylor17@googlemail.com)

Are you able to help please. We are trying to find details of my wife's uncle:

Russell.V.Rosser Sgt pilot,

who was shot down on the night of the 14/15 April 1943 whist on a raid,flying a Wellington bomber. The record indicates he was stationed at RAF Tangmere.

However the details are confused as Kirmington and Leconfield are mentioned. We think he may have been on 166 sqdn

Is it possible to ascertain

1 Where he was shot down ,
2 The number of his a/c
3 Where he maybe buried.(if he has a grave)

We would be grateful if you can give us guidance as to where this info may be available.

Many Thanks
Bob Naylor
Flt Lt (retired)
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Re: Sqgt Pilot Russell V Rosser - 03/01/12 05:42 AM

Sgt R.V. Rosser, was with 196sqdn, based at Leconfield. The aircraft, Wellington HE166, had landed at Tangmere following an operation to Stuttgart on the night of 14/15th April. On take-off to fly back to Leconfield, one of the engines cut, and the aircraft crashed, killing all on board. Crew were.....
Sgt R.V. Rosser.
Sgt P.J. Conwell.
Sgt J.R.G. Calvert.
Sgt D.C. Grocock.
Sgt H. Wilcock.

Sgt Rosser is buried in Pontyates Churchyard, Carmarthenshire.
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Re: Sqgt Pilot Russell V Rosser - 01/03/12 06:19 PM

Hi Bob, I have been looking for information about Russell Rosser and eventually found this site, Russel was tecnically my Granmothers Uncle although died the year before she was born. Could you let me know who your wife is as she may be related to my grandmother. We live in Pontyates and we put flowers on the grave often. Thanks Hannah