RAF friendly fire

Posted by: Hugh Spencer

RAF friendly fire - 07/09/07 04:24 PM

Can anybody help to establish whether on 3rd March 1945 the RAF bombed parts of The Hague by mistake? Robert Newbury, in Daily Mail letters says so but the information given in The Bomber Command War Diaries does not mention this happening.
Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Re: RAF friendly fire - 13/09/07 11:01 AM

I have heard from the writer of the letter and he suggests that the raid may have been carried out by the 2nd TAF. I have no records of their operations but maybe somebody out there has.
Posted by: SplashOne

Re: RAF friendly fire - 03/10/07 10:34 AM

Hi Hugh

Did you get any further with your enquiry?

Rgs Will.
Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Re: RAF friendly fire - 04/10/07 03:13 PM

Hi Will,
No, everything seems to have come to a standstill. Initially I was interested to see whether Bomber Command was responsible as the raid does not appear in Bomber Command War Diaries. I am not too fussed if this topic dies a natural death. Cheers, Hugh.