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Posted by: Dave Sinclair

Research - RAF WW2 Combat Reports - 18/10/07 09:39 AM

I am researching the loss of a 405 Sqdn Lancaster (ND587) on May 9, 1944. The Lancaster was shot down by a Me Bf 110 and crashed at Gallaix, Belgium. My uncle was the air bomber of the crew. I have a copy of a letter the German Bf110 pilot sent to his family describing the attack. I also know from my research that the Bf110's had to break contact almost immediately when they were attacked by a Mosquito of 169 Sqdn (100 Group Bomber Command I think) crewed by F/O R G Goodman and F/O P Kennis. The Bf110 was sufficiently damaged that it was crash landed in a field. Unfortunately the Lancaster crashed two miles away with the loss of all 7 crew. I'm trying to find out more information about the 169 Sqdn aircraft and wondered how to trace and obtain a copy of the combat / encounter report of the incident.

Can anyone help?

Dave Sinclair
Sydney, Australia
Posted by: Ann Sadler

Re: Research - RAF WW2 Combat Reports - 06/03/08 08:26 PM

HI Dave,

If you haven't had any help yet and still need some, try posting a message on the message board at:
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