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32 SQUADRON REUNION - 08/05/08 10:43 AM

The 32 Squadron Reunion will take place over the weekend of 27/28 September 2008 at RAF Northolt - if anyone is interested please contact me on jan@grannyjanny.co.uk. 32 Squadron Association
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Re: 32 SQUADRON REUNION - 28/06/08 08:42 PM

Hi Jan, I was a navigator on Canberras B15s in Cyprus 1966-69. I might be interested in attending if there are other former colleaguesof that vintage attending. Regards Stuart Vittles (srvitts@talktalk.net)
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Re: 32 SQUADRON REUNION - 03/02/09 05:43 PM

Hello, Not an ex-member of 32 but acting for a friend - Dave Turner.

I'm trying to contact ex Flt Lt Vic Burt on Dave's behalf, so if anyone can help please contact me.

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Re: 32 SQUADRON REUNION - 12/02/09 12:02 AM

I do have a record of a Victor Alan Burt of 46 and 84 Sqn, pilot, last heard of living Welwyn Herts. Could this be the chap?
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Re: 32 SQUADRON REUNION - 13/02/09 07:06 PM

Quite possibly, the area is right for his last know address. Can I ask you to pass me request on?
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Re: 32 SQUADRON REUNION - 17/02/09 02:39 AM

I am David Turner ex 32 Sqn Trn. Off. 75-77. Eric Stone kindly contacted you on my behalf and gave me your details. I now live in Bali (don't cry) and am trying to re-establish comms with Vic. Thanks DT
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Re: 32 SQUADRON REUNION - 21/02/09 12:59 PM

Eric and David:

I have sent David a PM (private message), copy to Eric. Click on "My Stuff" on the menu bar to read.