Eastbourne Airbourne

Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Eastbourne Airbourne - 01/04/08 11:13 AM

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that Airbourne will be in operation this year from 14th to 17th August, a four day show. On 14th and 15th the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane will be giving a display but on 16th and 17th only the Spitfire and Hurricane. Park and Ride will be in operation and it will all be FREE, except Park and Ride.
Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Re: Eastbourne Airbourne - 19/04/08 12:07 PM

Hi again,
The Red Arrows will also be giving displays at Airbourne on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we are also hoping for a flypast by the Vulcan.
Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Re: Eastbourne Airbourne - 13/07/08 11:51 AM

Airbourne at Eastbourne
Thurs 14th August - Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, Catalina,Chinook, Blue Eagles Helicopters and Tucano.
Friday 15th - Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, Red Arrows, Tigers Parachute Team, ME108, Tutor, Guinot Wing Walkers, Typhoon and Mustang.
Saturday 16th - Spitfire and Hurricane, Catalina, Red Arrows, Blue Eagles Helicopters, Chinook, Tigers Parachute Team, Typhoon and Mustang.
Sunday 17th - Spitfire and Hurricane, Red Arrows, Catalina, Typhoon, Chinook, Kittyhawk, and Guinot Wing Walkers.
Amongst widespread protests the local council are fencing off the promenade and charging 5 for entry but there will be plenty of other areas to view the displays.
Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Re: Eastbourne Airbourne - 09/01/09 03:07 PM

The local council has just announced that Airbourne at Eastbourne WILL be taking place this year again in August. After the shambles of last year, fencing off part of the promenade and charging the public 5 a visit, no charges will be made this year.