Airbourne at Eastbourne

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Airbourne at Eastbourne - 05/07/07 11:45 PM

Original Post from Hugh Spencer

Hi everyone,
Just received information regarding the BBMF visit to Airbourne on 16th to 19th August this year (2007). No Lancaster regretfully but a Spitfire and Hurricane each day plus a Dakota on the first day.
To remind you, there is a park-and-ride scheme available because parking can be a bit of a problem. There was a suggestion that the Vulcan may be visiting but I will keep you posted.

The Eastbourne Airshow web site is at:
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Re: Airbourne at Eastbourne - 26/09/07 09:49 PM

Trust the dispaly went well. I was at the Jersey Air Show earlier in September - magnificent weather and an excellent if reduced programme. The Typhoon thrilled the crowd as did the Red Arrows as usual. Only the Spit and Hurricane from BBMF, so no Lanc or Vulcan, but both are provisionally booked for next year. The Falcons dropped from a Dak onto the Beach - fortunately, the tide was out \:D
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Re: Airbourne at Eastbourne - 28/09/07 02:02 PM

Hi Ace,
Yes, everything went well but like your visit to Jersey, no Lancaster. I don't know whether the local council did not book it or what. A few years ago I phoned the BBMF office in Lincs to make a similar query and they told me that it hadn't been asked for so immediately I phoned the local council explaining that there were a lot of retired aircrew here who wish to see the Lanc every year so I don't know what the situation was this year. There was a casualty with the Falcons but I understand he is making a good recovery. Weather conditions during our weekend were not brilliant with a lot of gusty wind. I think the conditions for the drop were borderline. Cheers, Hugh.