New Dambusters Film

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New Dambusters Film - 05/07/07 11:51 PM

Original post by Hugh Spencer 29 April 2007

I notice on the website of the Lincolnshire Echo that plans are well ahead to make a new version of the Dambusters. Sir David Frost, I think, is backing it and some of the filming will take place in Lincolnshire. Also, a number of replicasof Lancasters are being made in China.
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Re: New Dambusters Film - 14/07/07 12:54 PM

What will they call Gibson's dog?
Posted by: Hugh Spencer

Re: New Dambusters Film - 14/07/07 05:34 PM

I think everybody should ignore the current obsession and plan to use the dog's actual name. Is it worth distorting facts to appease a small minority? I am sure the coloured communities will see that there is nothing to gain by changing the name for the film.
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Re: New Dambusters Film - 17/07/07 09:10 AM

I am sick of all this PC nonsense. get a grip on reality for a change
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Re: New Dambusters Film - 02/08/07 06:46 PM

Totally agree, all this PC bull gets on my t*t.
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