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Greater Vancouver Branch, British Columbia, Canada

Meets for lunch and a speaker on the fourth Wednesday of every month (except July & Aug)
Don Vander Ploeg Tel: 604-536-6107
Keith Scott Tel: 604 538-0488
Jack Meadows Tel: 604-535-9020
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Re: CANADA - GREATER VANCOUVER - 08/11/11 12:23 AM

Update: Contacts;
Delete(the late)Jack Meadows and related information.
Amend Vander Ploeg to read Vanderploeg;
Delete Keith Scott and replace with-
Ken Penny, Tel:604-531-5602

Current Executive:
Chairman - Ken Penny,CD;
Vice-Chairman - Mak Kinsey,CD;
Secretary - Don Vanderploeg;
Treasurer - K.B.Keith Scott,OMM,CD;
Membership - R.Hansen
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Re: CANADA - GREATER VANCOUVER - 19/01/12 08:52 PM

Message from Bill Stubbs:

I see various websites have been edited (including what was our western Canada one), but we continued to exist until this past year end! One of the first to adapt to reality we continued as a club NZ style to keep together more socially with wives and widows who helped keep us going successfully until now.

Funds supported a farewell Christmas event catered by a "Residence" with and eye on future prospects.

I, secretary for last 12 years, managed to enter our last casualty in the last issue of intercom, but owe the following recent one:

12593 S G Gardiner 217/ 357 Navigator N.Vancouver.

We have kept a memorial Board with names on which the local Legion has installed as an elaborate wall decoration in their memorial hall where we held our meetings and lunches.

Sincere thanks from the surviving fourteen airmen!

PS If anyone has news of John A Cruickshank VC of Aberdeen please would they advise Greater Vancouver, who have lost touch.