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'Servicemen and Women are to be honoured on 27 June every year at a series of ceremonies across the UK, it has been announced ' .

The third annual Veterans Day on 27 June 2008 is a chance for the nation to recognise the contribution made by veterans of all ages in conflicts both past and present. A large number of Veterans Day events, ranging in size, will be taking place across the UK during the summer.
"Veterans are of all ages with a variety of different backgrounds, and they all deserve our recognition. Not only have they honoured their commitment to defend our country's interests in Service, they have also used their skills and experiences to enrich their local communities. With the establishment of an annual Veterans Day, June 27 is our chance to recognise the achievements of those veterans who live amongst us."

Blackpool City Council successful with their bid to host a week of National Events.
Blackpool Council has planned nine days of veterans' events to pay tribute to the contributions veterans make to their community. Attractions include an Aero GP where veteran pilots will compete in performing demonstrations of dog fighting and target bombing, and a Veterans Badge Challenge in which veterans will attempt to climb Blackpool Tower, and dive to the bottom of a shark tank, to retrieve their badges. Plus lots more. A whole week of events are planned which are expected to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area to pay respect to our Armed Forces. Follow this link for more information.
Former soldiers, air crews and sailors will be presented with commoration medals on National Veterans Day
"The enormous debt that we owe to the veterans who have faithfully served their country over the years should not be forgotten. This is why we established the Veterans Badge in 2004. It has proved enormously popular, with over 550,000 badges issued to date.
Gordon Brown, who announced the plans for the annual event, said the aim was to ensure the contribution of veterans was "never forgotten". This is the nations chance to pay respect to our Armed Services.