Don’t have a search radar facility at home in the back garden?

Don’t even have a VHF scanner and antenna facility there either?

Don’t worry, the World Wide Web is coming to your aid more every day.

Take a look at say:


This is a very useful website if you first primarily know the commercial flight number you wish to ‘track’. (You can find this normally by going into the website of the airline concerned, and searching their ‘Time Table ‘Flight Status’ page). You then punch in the appropriate Airline and Flight Number. Once the programme has ‘accessed’ the particular flight concerned, you can then (if your PC has the Earth/Google programme installed, but not necessarily ‘running’), click on the Earth/Google Icon provided, which will automatically launch your Earth/Google system, and place the aircraft (and other within its vicinity) into position. This will update automatically every minute or so. (For ‘security’ reasons the position is ‘delayed’ by 5 minutes…..but this is not too serious for most purposes).


This programme ‘streams’ a vast number of International Airport ATC’s on to the internet using your Windows Media Player. Also ATCC like: New York Centre, Boston Centre, Gander Centre, etc. With regard to a number of airports, you will find that by using your Madia Centre ‘balance control’ you can separate the TOWER frequency from the RADAR ARRIVALS or GROUND frequency. (This can be very useful to those who didn’t complete a ground tour in ATC ……For those of us that did….Leave it ALL ON…..Listen to what the controller next to you is throwing your way next….EASY HEY)?

Realtime radar display screen of STOCKHOLM arrival/departure. Also long range Eastern Sweden displays.

Realtime Netherlands/North Sea area radar plot screens.


If interested in ships rather than aircraft (now your retired like me) try:

For movements in the Southampton/Solent/I OW areas. This uses the relatively new AIS (Automatic Identification System) necessary now for vessels over 300 gt I believe, using VHF data links to shore stations????

OR for farther afield:

Then select the movements in other UK ports on the map provided.
You can then select a 'refresh' rate of the area selected at as low as every 2 minutes.


Have fun…….Please inform ‘Er Indoors’ there not to blame ME for the time you will waste. I will not accept any responsibility for the consequences forthcoming.


Nev Cooper (G3LMO)
Ex M/Acr: VIP (C-in-C Far East) Mk4 Hastings (WJ325) RAF Changi

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