I would be very grateful if anyone has any information on my Grandad, Sergeant Harry Taylor. It would be even more wonderful to find anyone who actually knew him or who served with him.

Unfortunately, I have very little information on him at the moment, apart from a photo from my Grandma. It shows him and his colleagues at a training centre. We don't have the name of his squadron as, although we know my Grandma had his dogtag, she died before letting us know where it was and we can't find it.

There are a number of signatures on the back of the photo, but we can only make out some of them. These include, as far as I can tell: D J Lewis, G Hawkes, R Danforth, C Leadwood, J Geddes, J R Goodier, etc. Under one of the signatures in the bottom right corner, it says "Halifax."

We would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Our dearest wish would be to be able to visit his grave to say goodbye to the man we were never lucky enough to know in real life.

Many thanks for reading.

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