I am trying to locate my father, his name is Brian Higgins service ID 4099156. I was born at RAF Marham 27th April 1961 and my parents separated about 1963 and I have have never known my father or seen him since then.
My parents were stationed over at RAF Seletar, Singapore during 1957-59 and my sister Janet was born over there, the address was 18 Edgeware Road, AMQ RAF Seletar, Singapore R8, my sister's birth certificate was signed by Sq Ldr PHA Moon, I have two older brothers Andrew and David.
My mothers name was Joan and I think my fathers trade was Aircraft Maintenance but I am not sure.
If anyone on here knows of Brian or you may know someone who was stationed either at Seletar or Marham around these dates please could you contact them to contact me so I can piece together the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to help find my father.
My sister in law told me to try on this Association as she is General Manager of the RAFBF (Shirley Steeples).
Thank you....Derek