Hello to everyone.

My name is John Ellis and I am just one of eight people who form the volunteer group Bunker13. We have been together since April 2008 to take over control, restore and eventually open up the former 13 Group Fghter Command Headquarters Bunker as an educational tool to schools, colleges, youth organisations, veterans and the general public.

We are scouring everywhere in the hope we can find any veterans of 13 Group as this headquarters would have been vitally important to what they did during ww2 especially during the Battle of Britain and the 15th August 1940.

We are hoping to commemorate that day, this year at the Bunker HQ and it would be a huge honour and a privledge to actually have any 13 Group Fighter Command veterans there.

We are also looking for anyone that served inside the Fighter Command Headquarters Bunker during the years 1939 - 1945 (espcially during 1940).

Thank You