On the 19th December, 50 years to the day from graduating, about 20 ex members of RAF Cranwell 80 Entry held a virtual reunion on Skype thanks to Tony Terrett and Ken Simpson. Months of work went into finding as many members as possible. They were found in Australia, Fiji, America, Chile, and all parts of the UK.
We are still missing the whereabouts of seven of our number:

Max Thesiera
John Swaine
Roger Read
Omar Bin Saman
Mike O'Rourke
Dave Paul
Paul Deakin

If anyone knows anyone, who served in the RAF, with any of these names we would love to hear from them. Although the virtual reunion is now over the information circulated will ensure that many long lost friendships will be resumed either by Skype, email, phone or personal contact.

My full contact details are under the ACA Charitable Fund page as Hon Treasurer.