Sgt John Aubrey Bruce Wetherall, AAC glider pilot, sadly passed away at the beginning of November 2012.

Trained at EFTS Booker and Stanford in the Vale; GTS Stoke rchard; HGCU North Luffenham, he served with No.2 Wing, Glider Regt, Army Air Corps.

Johnny was one of the glider pilots in 'Market Garden' at Arnhem. He was wounded in the subsequent defence of the landing zone and as a result lost an eye. He was captured, managed to escape and return to Britain.

As a result of his wound he was invalided out of the Service and became a motor engineer, which is what he did for the rest of his working life.

Johnny was a most engaging companion, a great party animal and family man. He will be sadly missed by the Republic of Ireland Branch.

May he rest in peace.

John Boylan