In April my book 'The last flight of T for Tommy' will be published. It gives detailed information about the operational flight of Stirling R9168 No.XV Sqn. RAF which crashed near Gortel, The Netherlands, on 16th December 1942. In 1992 a Memorial was erected by the children of my class. From 1993 till 2010 many Air Gunners joined the commemorations in the woods.
The book has been written for young and old, with help of G. Zwanenburg, MBE, Recovery Officer (Rtd) of the RNAF. In 2013 the Dutch was presented to 1.200 students in the region of the crash site.
Next to the allied side also the German side as well as the Dutch side has been written. All official records has been inserted.
In addition to this, the book contains the headlines of the War in the Netherlands: the German invasion, the occupation, persecution of the Jews, 'Going undergound', Resistance etc. as well as a paragraph about aircraft recovery after the War.
The book is highly recommended by the Royal British Legion, Southampton, and financially supported by the Royal Canadian Legion #116 Marwayne.

Some comments:

“I have read your transcript and found it very moving!!! By reading your book I finally got an impression about my father’s last raid. My father didn't speak much about his time during the war.”
James Perring, son of rear gunner Jim Perring who was the sole survivor, Bollington.

“My father was KIA on a raid to Italy. I was raised with feelings of hate against the Germans. After reading your book I began to understand that also German pilots were only doing their job.”
Cyril Price, Southampton, U.K.

“This book gives something which I have never seen in a book before, the beginning and the end of a plane’s operational flight when the end is a disaster in a foreign land.”
Maurice Winton, ex-Air Gunner, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada.

“I know many books about WWII, but ‘T for Tommy’ is really unique, because also the main facts of the War has been inserted to it. In this way the foreign youngsters will understand the great story behind the paragraph about Bomber Command much better.”
G.J. Zwanenburg, MBE, Recovery Officer (Rtd)RNAF

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