Long serving member of Portsmouth ACA, Jim Masters volunteered to be an Observer in the Fleet Air Arm and was trained in Trinidad. He joined 826 Squadron based near Tobruk flying the Albacore; his first operation was on New Year’s Eve 1941/42. Shortly after he survived a crash landing in the desert, but in March 1942, his aircraft was shot down by an ME109. He crash landed the desert, and would have survived virtually unscathed had not the 109 returned for a ‘coup de grâce’ - two 20mm shells left him with no left arm, only his index finger and thumb on his right hand, and loss of his left eye. After recovery and convalescence in South Africa, he returned to the UK for rehabilitation and was discharged from the RN in March 1943. He later had a civilian career as an accountant. Jim Masters died on 10th August 2016 and his funeral took place on Thursday 25th August in Porchester Crematorium.

David Collinson joined the RAF in the 1950s and trained as a navigator flying Meteor night-fighter and Canberra PR aircraft. He then had a career in the book trade. He served as the Speaker Organiser for the Portsmouth ACA, and later became the Honorary Secretary. David died on 20th August; his funeral was held on 8th September at the Porchester crematorium.

Vic Townsend joined the RAF in February 1943 and was trained as a navigator in South Africa. He joined 153 Squadron at Scampton, but only completed four operations (two being on Operation Manna) before the war in Europe ended. He then joined Y Flight of 12 Squadron at Binbrook on airborne radar testing, then the Central Bombing establishment at Marham before being ‘demobbed’ in January 1947. He forged a career in the Halifax Building Society, becoming manager of the branch in Alyesbury. He joined the Portsmouth ACA on moving into the area in the mid 1980s and served as Treasurer, Chairman and latterly President. Vic Townsend died on 17th October and his funeral will be held on 11th November at the Oaks crematorium, Havant.