Hi everyone, Whilst researching my uncles wartime exploits (K.I.A. 25/7/44) I came across some photographs of his training pals. I would love to find out what became of these men. They are signed so I do know thier names, and I believe they made it through the war because they are not named amongst the commonwealth war dead. My uncle Robert Leyland was a Wop/AG who went on to serve with 102(Ceylon)Squadron from May - July `44, I believe the photos were taken in the two years prior to that time whilst he was training. I would say it's 99% certain that these chaps went on to become wireless operators also. The guys in question are Chas Cormack and Davy Campbell. Davy came from Alfred Street, Gateshead, Co Durham. Chas was a handsome chap with blonde hair and Davy was equally as handsome with dark hair. If anyone knew these chaps or knows where they are now I would be delighted if they could let me know. Otherwise, if anyone has any advice as to how I might find them, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance.
Bill Leyland