Dear All,

I have been asked to publicise this request for information - I do not know the chap, (although I'm sure he's a fine fellow) and thus can't vouch for him, but I am very happy to forward information to him if anyone has any!

If, on the other hand, you'd like to contact him direct, his e-mail address is:




Message Begins:

I am preparing a book about the Air Forces history, RAAF and RAF operating from and through what was originally a RAF Detachment, from Seletar and later Changi, and during Indonesian Confrontation became a RAF Station.

I have a comprehensive history of the occupation by the Japanese and liberation by the Australians but seek personal reminisences from people who served or flew from Labuan at any time from 1945 until the RAF left in the 60s.

I would particularly like to hear from any of the former Detachment or Station Commanders.

I hope that you are able to publicise my request. David Bale (Labuan 1958-59) (RAF 1951-1979)"

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