Aircrew readers,
2 years ago some of you were very kind to respond to an inquiry I made about two Coastal Command aircrewmen, one named Davies (1376721) and a William "Willie" Jones. In a computer mishap I lost all the replies I received and am hoping those who responded in 2006 will do so again.
From what I recall, Davies was KIA aboard a Halifax or Lancaster assigned to Coastal Command sometime in 1943. Jonesy suffered a similar fate over the Outer Hebrides on October 16, 1944. One of the aircraft was shot down by a Bf110 and the info I received at the time listed the German pilot's name. I was able to research him and found out he was KIA in late 44 or early 45 when his FW-190 was shot down by a P-47 over the mainland.
I had an Irwin flight jacket originally issued to Davies that wound up in Jones' possession and later his family, which is where I got it approx 30 years ago. The jacket, in fine condition, is now on display in the museum and ready room of the Commemorative Air Force's wing at New Century Airport in Gardner, Kansas. They are exceedingly proud of the jacket and have it on a mannequin inside a glass case. I have a photo of Airman Jones and would like to give that to the air wing along with any information I can find about Airmen Davies and Jones.
Thank you once again for your assistance with this. If you wish to respond directly to me, my email is
Jeffrey DeBell
Spring Hill, KS