Airbourne at Eastbourne
Thurs 14th August - Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, Catalina,Chinook, Blue Eagles Helicopters and Tucano.
Friday 15th - Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, Red Arrows, Tigers Parachute Team, ME108, Tutor, Guinot Wing Walkers, Typhoon and Mustang.
Saturday 16th - Spitfire and Hurricane, Catalina, Red Arrows, Blue Eagles Helicopters, Chinook, Tigers Parachute Team, Typhoon and Mustang.
Sunday 17th - Spitfire and Hurricane, Red Arrows, Catalina, Typhoon, Chinook, Kittyhawk, and Guinot Wing Walkers.
Amongst widespread protests the local council are fencing off the promenade and charging 5 for entry but there will be plenty of other areas to view the displays.