Material on this Bulletin Board are organized into three subdivisions:

Post - A post is a piece of information submitted by a single user. It may be a new post, which starts a new topic, or a reply to an existing post. Posts are typically a sentence, paragraph, or a few paragraphs.

Topic - A topic is a collection of posts. The posts are organized in chronological order. The idea of a topic is that there is a single post that contains the topic of discussion. The rest of the posts in the topic are replies to this first post and to other replies. Topics are sort of like conversations, allowing many people to state their opinions about an idea, or debate an issue.

Forum - A forum is a container for topics. Forums often have a general subject that the topics within are about. For instance, there is a Forum dealing with Air Shows and similar events in which you can post details of an event that you are organising or which you think may be of interest to visitors to this Bulletin Board.

Before posting on the Board, be sure that you have selected the correct Forum. If you believe that a new Forum is needed, e-mail us at

Navigating through this Bulletin board is based on the idea of posts, topics and forums.

Generally, a user will start at the Forum Index. The Forum Index shows a list of forums. If you click on one of the forums, you will be shown the View Forum page, which is a listing of the topics in the forum. By default they are sorted in chronological order by the most recent post in each topic. If you click on a topic, you will be shown the View Topic page, which is a listing of the posts in that topic. The posts in a topic are organized chronologically, with the oldest post first.

Announcements. Announcements are a special type of topic. In the View Forum page, Announcements appear above all other topics (at the top of the forum). You cannot post a reply to an Announcement.

Further information on how to use the Bulletin Board will be published as facilities are developed.
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