I am reseaching the loss of this aircraft for relatives of the pilot F/O G.R.Kite, RCAF. KIA, 23 Sept 1944, 10 Sqn RAF.

I have been unable to determine the circumstances of this loss, and from Luftwaffe records it appears unlikely this Halifax went down from night fighter attack.
Bomber Command Losses (Vol 5) 1944, only confirms the aircraft serial MZ574, ZA-W, and t/o time as 19.25 from RAF Melbourne, York (4 Group), and target Neuss. There are no other details.

F/O. George Robert Kite, RCAF is buried in Leopoldsburg War Cemetery, Belgium, along with his Wireless Op, F/Sgt. A.G.T. Saunders, RAF.

This was a mixed 10 Sqn crew. I am assuming the remaining crew members were in fact all from 10 sqn too.

Flight Engineer. Sgt. J.N. McGiveron RAF. pow S/Luft VII #925
Navigator. P/O. G.W. Chorley RCAF. pow S/Luft I #5969
Bombaimer. F/Sgt. H.J. Maling. RAF. pow S/Luft VII #927
Air Gunner. F/Sgt. F.P. Mannion. RAF. pow S/Luft III #928
Air Gunner. F/Sgt. V.I. Simmonds. RAF. pow S/Luft IIIA #13884

3 Halifax were lost on this Neuss operation, one each from 10 and 78 Sqns, and the third from 462 Sqn which crash-landed in Suffolk upon return.

From the above information, I would be most grateful for any further details, or contacts, which might lead me to evetually find out how this Halifax was brought down, where the crash site was, and whether the aircraft was to or from the target.


Richard Parker (ex RAF)
Alberta. Canada