Dear All,

I am working on a book about the Chinook Sqn in the first Gulf War and after in Turkey/Iraq. I am looking for input from those who were there I would want people to write down their experiences or to record them and send them to me. perhaps on a CD from which I could transcribe the relevant parts.The sort of information I would be interested in is: How did you first discover you would be going to the Gulf and what was your reaction? How were you organised into constituted crews? How were you kitted out and what pre-deployment training did you receive? What are your memories of the journey out, the squadron base and such things as in-theatre training, living conditions and messing etc?Personal stories of the lead up to the air war, deployment to the desert and the ground war with accounts of any interesting/risky/dangerous sorties flown. General reminiscences of life on the desert sites. Same applies to the Turkey det. Photos of crews, groundcrew, helicopters etc. Hopefully this is enough information for you. If you feel you might help then I look forward to your input.