A couple of weeks ago I wrote to HM The Queen, suggesting that as this is a great year both for herself and the country in bgeneral, it might be a good idea finally to do something about giving the few remaining members of Bomber Command a medal. Even a clasp to their existing WWII medals would be a nice gesture, I said. Well, as the estwhile Hon Sec to the ACA I felt it was the least I could do and any try is better than no try at all. So, I had a nice letter from a lady who signed herself Deputy to the Senior Correspondence Officer telling me why HMQ could not get involved in this and that my letter had been fowarded to the Right Honourable Philip Hammond, MP, Sec of State for Defence. Last week I received a photostatted letter from the MOD, signed by someone with a very African name, that started. "Thank you for the letter you sent to The Queen expressing your interest in people who served on the Arctic Convoy......". Well, I DID try but obviously the people who deal with our reasonable requests are no longer the kind of folk who understand what what we are talking about. But I would be surprised if, at the next time that they need volunteers, they can get enough lads to crew a tandem, let alone a bomber.
Bob Hinds