As part of its Tribute to the Lightning event Newark Air Museum is actively looking to record the history of its Lightning T5 exhibit XS417.

This particular Lightning has flown 2603.10 hours during an operational career running from 1962 to 1988. It has been based at a number of different Lightning bases during that time, RAF Binbrook, RAF Coltishall, RAF Leuchars, RAF Coningsby and RAF Wattisham, before arriving at Newark Air Museum in 1988. During this service it flew with 226 OCU, 23 Squadron, 56 Squadron, the Lightning Training Flight (LTF) and 11 Squadron.

The museum is trying to make contact with the people associated with this particular Lightning, so that it can document the service history of the airframe. The information that is being sought comes from the Log Books of those people who flew XS417 and includes:

Dates of sortie
Name & rank of those aboard
Sortie role
Duration of sortie

A further bonus would come in the form of anecdotes about individual sorties flown by XS417 and any associated incidents; including the various ground incidents that the airframe suffered. These latter items could include stories recounted by personnel responsible for servicing XS417.

Any information and wherever possible in-service photographs of XS417 would be greatly appreciated and this can be sent to the museum at:

Lightning History Project
Newark Air Museum
Drove Lane,
NG24 2NY

Or via email to
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