Message from Vic Pheasant, Portsmouth ACA

The funeral is to be held on Wednesday 10th Feb 16 at 1400 at the Amersham/Chiltern crematorium of 98 year old Tom Tate.

Tom had an interesting/traumatic war record: on his 46th op while serving as a Stirling WOP/AG on 214 Sqn, he had to bale out over Germany. Captured, he managed to escape from a Hitler Youth lynching mob, that hung five of his crew members. (See Tom Tate's Story).

After the war, he was involved in a remarkable act of reconciliation as related here .

He has no known relatives or close friends, and the vicar conducting the cremation service has been in touch with the 214 Assoc Secretary to ask if any members could be present at the ceremony, which looks like being very sparse of attendees. As it is unlikely that we will be able to muster very many - if any, I was just wondering/hoping, that one or two ACA members might be able to pop along.

No pressure, but it would be appreciated if as many as possible could attend the funeral.