5 - Scrambled!

Harry Chambers
Observer with 229 and 465 Squadron, 26 SFU

It was breakfast time in the Officers’ mess. Due to the party the previous evening the occupants all sat sipping black coffee in a subdued and passive manner, not a word being spoken.

Another officer entered his attitude even more dejected and depressed due to being rejected by his girl friend last night.

He sat down, the WAAF waitress asked him ‘How would you like your egg Sir?’

The officer mumbled something, ‘Sorry Sir what did you say?’ said the WAAF.

He mumbled again.

‘Sorry, Sir, I cannot hear you.’

In a fit of pique he turned to her and in a loud strident voice shouted ‘Scrambled’.

As just one man the rest of the occupants jumped to their feet and made for the door.

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