Ray Gough - Bomb Aimer
298, 644 Squadrons
Ray died in 2003


In October 1945 our Squadron was posted to El Quastina in Palestine (now Israel). My wife, then my girl friend, was in the Women’s Land Army stationed in one of the local villages close to our ’drome, Tarrant Rushton in Dorset, and lodging with a young couple who always made me very welcome.

After a date we would go back to the house and often partake of a lovely bit of bread and cheese usually with some pickled onions of which I am very fond. The last time I visited the house before we took off for Palestine I was presented with a huge jar of pickled onions to take with me with Christmas particularly in mind.

We were flying Halifax VII’s at the time with the bomb doors removed and replaced with panniers. When we loaded our gear prior to take off I made sure the pickles were right up the front of the pannier well packed around with stuff for safety.

When we arrived at El Quastina we unloaded some of our gear with the intention of picking up the rest the next morning.

We trooped along to the flights next day but someone had been there before me and I never did find my pickled onions.

I have always hoped the thieving so-and-sos got the stomach ache.

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