ACA Woking News by Bill Bawden, PRO

6 April 2011

ACA Members at the Controls Again

Waiting to 'fly' in the glorious sunshine

On a beautiful April morning the British Airways Boeing 737-400 mobile flight simulator arrived and set up at Fairoaks Airport.  Past branch chairman, Laurie Taylor OBE FRAeS, had made use of the contacts made during his career as a BA captain and the chairman of BALPA to arrange for the simulator's operating crew to spend the day giving nearly a score of ACA members the chance to experience again the sensations of flying an aeroplane, albeit of a very different type than most had known in the past.

The results, recorded and printed out on an impressive-looking certificate, of a fifteen minute 'flight' culminating in an ILS approach to land on Heathrow's runway 27 left, were, one is forced to admit, variable.  But the shortcomings, resulting from the lack of recent experience or slowness in reaction by some participants, were met by the BA pilots with cheerful indulgence and everyone taking part had a most enjoyable day.

Our thanks go to the simulator personnel and to Laurie Taylor and others for organising this unique and splendid event for the Woking branch.

Pre-flight briefings in the sunshine
Eric Smith Laurie Taylor Ron Houghton
Ready for take off from Heathrow 27L in the simplified cockpit driven by a customised version of Microsoft Flight Simulator


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