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15 February 2011

The Mysterious End of Glenn Miller

Glen Miller

Members and guests at the recent meeting of the AirCrew Association at Fairoaks Airport were given, what was by general consent, the most absorbing talk heard there in many months when guest speaker, Tony Eaton, gave his account of the mystery surrounding the disappearance of United States Army Air Force bandleader Glenn Miller in December 1944.

In the course of a meticulously researched and detailed illustrated talk, Tony, who had last year entertained this audience with the story of Rudolf Hess, demolished the 'official' version of Miller's death with the help of documentation proving that Major Miller had not been aboard a light aircraft lost over a foggy English Channel, but had instead flown from England to Paris by scheduled transport on the previous day.

Here events become even murkier than the weather, but there is evidence that, having received severe head injuries in suspicious circumstances, the dead or dying bandleader was secretly flown to the United States and, many years later, reburied in an unmarked grave alongside his widow and other family members.

The reasons for this subterfuge are a matter of speculation, but there are pointers to indicate that acknowledgement of the true facts could lead to a reassessment of the conduct of the US High Command during the contemporaneous Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes and so damage the reputations of American military and political leaders.  The refusal of the Pentagon and the White House to release the papers on this case, even though over sixty years have passed, inevitably gives weight to the arguments of those who suspect a cover-up.

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