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15 March 2011

Keeping the Army Going

Andy Robertshaw

The guest speaker at the AirCrew Association meeting at Fairoaks Aerodrome was Andy Robertshaw, an archaeologist with the Channel Four Time Team and the curator of the Royal Logistic Corps Museum at Deepcut Barracks near Camberley.  With aviation matters for once absent from the agenda, the audience was nevertheless quickly engrossed by Andy's infectious enthusiasm for his subject of the RLC and its predecessors.

Beginning with the baggage trains that followed and supplied the armies in mediaeval times, through the commissariat of the Napoleonic and Victorian eras and the specialist Transport, Ordnance, Pioneer and Catering Corps of more recent history, he described the vital, and sometimes equally dangerous, work of the less glamorous forces engaged in maintaining the fighting efficiency of the Army.  It is rarely appreciated that every front-line soldier requires at least two others to support him from behind the scenes.

More on the Royal Logistic Corps Museum can be seen at

We much regret to record the passing, in the matter of a few weeks, of three of our members.

Jed Lewis served as an air gunner flying operational tours on Wellingtons from North Africa and, after returning to Britain, with Bomber Command in the uncommon role of Halifax mid-under gunner.

Most of Ray Piercey's wartime service was with Transport Command engaged in ferrying a variety of types of aircraft between Canada and the UK.  He subsequently put this experience to very good use cloccking up twenty thousand hours as a pilot with BEA, British Airways and Gulf Air.

Doug Hudgell started his RAF flying career in the 1950s as a fighter pilot including a tour on Vampires in the Middle East before also joining BA where he spent 28 years as pilot and captain of various types of aircraft.  Doug will be particularly missed at the Branch.  As a committee member he was ever willing to provide his services in a multitude of ways including arranging functions, organising raffles and driving other members to events.

The branch CD-ROM 'Upside Down, Nothing on the Clock ..' gives much more biographical information on each of the fondly remembered colleagues named above.


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