ACA Woking News by Bill Bawden, PRO

18 September 2012

Battle of Britain Commemoration

BofB BofB

Members of the AirCrew Association joined with colleagues of the Royal Air Forces Association to take part in the Battle of Britain service and parade at Brookwood Military Cemetery.  The ACA’s wreath was laid by World War II veteran Ernie Taylor.

The two associations had also united in a full day’s outing to the Shoreham Air Show in Sussex.

The Life-Saving Ejection Seat

Jeremy Mudford
Jeremy Mudford

At their monthly meeting ACA members listened with rapt attention as guest speaker Jeremy Mudford described the development of the ejection seat by the Martin-Baker company.

As aircraft speeds increased during the Second World War, ‘baling-out’ became increasingly difficult and the company founder, James Martin, devised the mechanism to enable aircrew members to survive the evacuation of damaged aircraft.  Well over seven thousand successful ejections have now been made and continuous development has seen the arrival of a fully-automatic seat allowing operation down to ground level.  Martin-Baker currently supplies 70 per cent of the world’s air forces.

Jeremy’s knowledge of and interest in the subject is understandable as he himself had to eject from a blazing Victor bomber in 1960.



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