ACA Woking News by Bill Bawden, PRO

18 December 2012

Christmas Lunch at Camberley Heath Golf Club

Jimmy James, Anne Hudgell and Roy Pullan
ran the draw

The Christmas luncheon was again held at the Camberley Heath Golf Club and although attendance was lower than in previous years, all present agreed it to be a very successful event.  Former chairman John Thorburn was unfortunately unable to attend following an accident and we wish John a speedy recovery.  The toast to ‘The Woking and District AirCrew Association’ was proposed by the current chairman, Ron Hepburn, and responded to in spirited fashion by our past president, Air Commodore Tom Bennett CBE.

Flt Lt Ted Dunford DFC


Many of those attending the lunch were also present two days later at Aldershot Crematorium for the funeral of veteran ACA member Ted Dunford, who will be sadly missed at our meetings.  Ted was mobilised as an RAF sergeant pilot on September 1st 1939, became a flying instructor in 1940 and was sent to train new pilots in Southern Rhodesia during the following year.  Having been commissioned, he returned to Britain in 1944 to join 608 Squadron, part of the Light Night Striking Force.  Equipped with the ‘wooden wonder’ de Haviland Mosquito, the LNSF carried out precision raids on diversionary targets in Germany, often flying ahead of the main force in an attempt to deceive the defenders as to the ultimate objective of the heavy bombers.

Despite having his aircraft severely damaged by flak on his 35th mission, Ted nursed it back to an emergency landing in Suffolk.  For this superb example of airmanship and other actions he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and in all completed 55 bombing operations, of which no less than 27 were to the heavily-defended German capital of Berlin.

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