ACA Woking News by Bill Bawden, PRO

21 November 2006

Countering the Doodlebugs

Sir Paul Holden ( Flt Lt Retd )
Paul Holden

V1 Doodlebug
The November meeting of the Woking Branch of the AirCrew Association at Fairoaks Airport featured an illustrated talk by Sir Paul Holden on "The Doodlebugs", the V1 Flying Bombs launched against Southern England in 1944 and 1945.  The members were given an absorbing account of the development of the first of Hitler's Vergeltunswaffen ("Reprisal Weapons") and of the German plan to send up to 500 a day against London.  After some initial problems, co-ordinated efforts by RAF fighters, barrage balloons and anti-aircraft artillery, coupled with bombing attacks on the production and launch sites, began to get the measure of the flying bombs.  The speaker told of his own part in flying Spitfires and Tempests to callibrate the anti-aircraft radars designed to track the missiles and to train the gun crews to shoot them down.  In the event, of 9251 V1s launched against England, 2419 fell on the London area with 4261 destroyed before reaching the capital.

An attentive audience
Attentive audience
Committee announcements
Commitee announcements

The ACA was well represented at the Remembrance Sunday parades and wreath-laying ceremonies in both Woking and Camberley, while other members attended the services in their local towns and villages.

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