ACA Woking News by Paul Holden, PRO

26 April 2002


Bill Pertwee
Bill Pertwee
Members laughed a lot !
Bill Pertwee
At the April meeting, the highly entertaining speaker was Bill Pertwee of legendary "Dad's Army" fame who, before that, played in "Beyond Our Ken" and "Round the Horne".


Glorious sunshine for the Woking visitors
Yeovil Visit
For their April Outing, members and friends of the Woking Branch of the Aircrew Association went by coach to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton. There, different halls house collections of aircraft, films and displays representing different periods of military Aviation history from World War 1 to the present day.

Many of the settings showed the aircraft in realistic battle situations. There were also excellent displays recording campaigns in which the Fleet Air Arm was involved, not forgetting the Japanese Kamikaze Campaign in the Pacific following the end of the war in Europe.

The Carrier Exhibit
Yeovil Carrier Exhibit
Probably the most outstanding memory in most membersí minds was the "Carrier Experience" in which they were whisked by simulated helicopter ride onto the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, and then taken on a conducted tour of extremely well modelled representations of all the crucial Command and Control Operations Rooms during a simulated mission to find and help a Russian submarine reported to be in distress 200 miles away!

Fairey Fulmar
Yeovil Fairey
All in all, it was a really memorable day out, enhanced by brilliant, warm, sunny weather which showed off the fresh spring colours that make the countryside look so wonderful at this time of year.

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