Text Box: Mid-Kent Branch Aircrew Association.

Our History

The Branch was formed in 1983 and met every month until the end of 2011.

 Over the years we enjoyed many holiday trips both in the UK and abroad in our fine spirit of lasting comradeship. Membership was over 100 at one time, but faded of course over the years.

We had our own  Branch standard which we proudly paraded on formal occasions.  It was laid up in Canterbury Cathedral.

See photo.

Farewell ACA

The time has come – we knew it would,

To close the ACA

The comradeship we have enjoyed

Brought good friends on the way.

Their memories - so like our own

Now matter very much

We must not let these memories die

So we must keep in touch.

A pub lunch twice in every month

Will circulate the news

Of anything we need to know

You’ll find we will not lose.

So there’s no need for sad goodbyes

And secret farewell tears

So long as we can play it right

It will endure for years.


Nora Brookes

Current activities 2012

Although the branch has formally closed we intend to maintain contact with each other on an on-going basis. There will be pub lunches (at 12.00) twice in every month.

On the second Tuesday we will meet at “The Hop Pole” which is on the B2015 at Nettlestead Green.

On the fourth Wednesday we will meet at “The Bull“ which is on the B2010 at East Farleigh.

Summer events are also planned  including Janet’s garden parties and river trips on the Medway. Details of these will be available from the contacts ( see left).



Syd Gray
Email:  sidneyjamesgray@gmail.com

Sam Brookes
Email:  sambrookes1884@btinternet.com

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