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last updated 24 June 2021

June 2021

Basil Fish of 617 Sqn died on 26 February 2020. A page celebrating his life has now been added.

February 2019

Bob Lythgoe updated by the addition of  the  Service of Celebration of his life.

January 2019

Navigation revised, font size made a bit larger.
Bob Milne's pages updated with his Service in Celebration of his life.
Vernon Thomson receiving his DFC citation in May 2008 added to his pages.

November 2018

Reg Davis died on 14th October 2018. A page celebrating his life has been added to his pages.

November 2017

23/1/17 Eric Hookings died on 21st April 2016. A Funeral page has been added for him, including a contribution by Air Cdre Charles Clarke OBE, President of the RAF Ex-POW Association.
Bob Lythgoe died in 2014. His page has been updated and it is hoped more will be added.

January 2014

30/1/14 Dawn Mitchell of Advocates in Action provides a few more photos for John Erricker DFC's page.

December 2013

11/12/13 John Erricker DFC died on 11th December 2013. His funeral was on 11th December 2013. Dawn Mitchell of Advocates in Action is providing more photos.

Thanks to David Jackson, former website manager for the national Air Crew Association, this site is now hosted on new servers.

October 2013

[Update of the page on the history of the branch to cover the decision to close the branch, the RAF Club/Bomber Command Memorial visit in June, the closing branch lunch in September, and the continuation of informal lunches on the second Tuesday of the month.]

May 2013

30/5/13 Reg Everson's story One Clot's War from the December 1994 issue of the Mosquito Aircrew Association's journal, The Mossie is added together with images from the June 2005 issue of that publication. Copyright is acknowledged.
30/5/13 Images of Jackie Briggs provided by his son Mike are addedd to his page.
18/5/13 We learn of the death of Reg Everson AE on 23 March 2013

December 2012

30/12/12 Flt Lt Blundell-Pound RAFVRT's tribute to Gordon on behalf of 1408 (Dorking) Sqn ATC added.
24/12/12 Martyn Tripp's tribute to his brother Gordon Tripp added.
20/12/12 Death of John Gibson on 21 October 2012, aged 91. A page has been added for John.

November 2012

26/11/12 Death of Gordon Tripp, aged 86

June 2012

23/6/12 Death of Tony Payne on 13th June, aged 90. It is hoped to add some photos to his page.

March 2012

15/3/12 Two photos of John Umbers added to his page, together with a September 1943 Air Ministry Press Release

December 2011

07/12/11 The late John Potter's bio added and some photos of him

November 2011

09/11/11 Norman Jackson's story is added. Air Cdre Norman Jackson CBE has twice been our Chairman.

November 2010

04/11/10 The editor adds two photos of her father provided by Beverly Thomson.

August 2010

17/08/10 Beverly Thomson adds a crew photo to her father Vernon's Disaster and good luck (for one) story. The editor provides research on the Whittle crew, lost whilst Vernon was being kitted out following his promotion.

July 2010

28/07/10 Bob Milne adds a 1946 photo of himself as a young Flt Lt back in the UK.
28/07/10 Reg Davis makes a few typo corrections to his mascot story

22/07/10 Eric Hookings' story of his Long March as a POW is added

June 2010

30/06/10 Present day photos added for Eric Hookings, Bob Milne & Ken Richards

28/06/10 Joan Norris provides typo corrections to a number of stories, thank you!

22/06/10 The LXX Squadron Tortorella base stories from Cyril Pearce and John Puttock are linked
22/06/10 Puttock: John adds photos to his Africa story and a new 70 Sqn link is added to his Italian airfield story

21-22/06/10 Hookings: Eric adds his camp and pow numbers

20/06/10 Puttock: John adds the LXX Squadron Song to the first of his stories.
20/06/10 Lythgoe: Bob adds a photo taken during training on Lancasters

18/06/10 Davis: Reg corrects a few typos in his Squadron Mascot story and adds a photo
18/06/10 Davis: Reg adds a new story A QFI in Canada and provides images for this

15/06/10 'JP': links added about Cardington
15/06/10 Carter: added details of the loss of Bert's 44 Sqn Lancaster LM306 KM-L and links to the CWGC records of those who died
15/06/10 Hookings: added information on the loss of Eric's 619 Sqn Lancaster LM742 PG-S and links to the CWGC records of those who died and to The Canal Raids 1940-45 web pages

14/06/10 Umbers: John makes some typo and place name corrections and recalls a bit more about the interned Me109 pilot

13-14/06/10 Gough: name amended to Ray Gough: unit corrected: added 644 Sqn badge and 644 Sqn link in his four stories
13/06/10 Gough: Operation Varsity: added Wikipedia link on Operation VARSITY
13/06/10 Gough: D Day: added links about:
Horsa Glider, from the Assault Glider Trust
Operation TONGA
Halifax V in 644 Sqn markings

12/06/10 Foreword: link added on founding member James Dixie Deans MBE

10/06/10 This What's New page is added to record significant changes to the pages in this website
10/06/10 Foreword: Len Norris's eulogy is linked in the thanks to Len and Joan Norris for their part in making these stories available
10/06/10 Tony Payne: Winged Boot emblem of the Late Arrivals Club is added with an explanation of the Club.
10/06/10 Foreword: photo identifications completed thanks to Gordon Tripp

07/06/10 Derrick Croisdale: Leatherhead Advertiser article and 1944 'fraternisation' images added