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15 June 2010

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ACA crew with the Chipmunk and Ron Hepburn, their pilot and host (in flying suit)
Chipmunk and fliers

On a fine June day five branch members went by invitation to Thruxton aerodrome in Hampshire, the base of one of the few remaining DH Chipmunks still flying. Fellow member and part-owner of the Chipmunk, Ron Hepburn, took each visitor in turn on a flight around the Andover area with his hospitality extending to allowing his guests a turn at the controls. This, when one considers the time interval since this last happened, was either a reassuring gesture or a case of misplaced confidence on the part of the pilot, depending upon your point of view.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance

There was also time to watch some of the cars racing on the the track circling the airfield and to meet the crew of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance helicopter. Altogether a splendid day out and one which we hope to repeat for other members in the near future.

June Meetings

A number of members and ladies have recently enjoyed an excellent lunch at The Cricketers pub/restaurant in Bagshot. With the annual Flying Evening postponed until July, the June meeting at Fairoaks was devoted to a social evening (the sociability being enhanced by a free drink) and a quiz.

Farewell to Dennis

Flt Sgt Dennis Vocat
Flt Sgt Denis Vocat

The funeral of long-time branch member Dennis Vocat at Woking Crematorium was attended was attended by a good number of Woking ACA and RAFA members including the RAFA standard-bearer.

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