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16 October 2001


David Lockspeiser
David Lockspeiser
Former aircrew members of the Woking branch of the Aircrew Association, meeting at the Flight Centre at Fairoaks Airport last month, were treated to a fascinating account by David Lockspeiser, a former Hawker Test Pilot, of his development of a basic "maid of all work" agricultural aircraft, which he had designed twenty five years ago to be easily built and maintained by unskilled labour in developing countries.

LDA-01 development aircraft in flight
Before his flying career in the Royal Air Force and at Hawkers, David had trained as an aircraft engineer. After he retired from Hawkers, he set up his own aircraft company to develop a cheap aircraft to meet this requirement, and so the concept of the Boxer LDA-1000 was born. Because he couldn't afford the outlay to build a full size prototype, he built first a 70% full size prototype, called the Land Development Aircraft (LDA-01), to prove the conceptual design. In its initial form, it had a four wheeled undercarriage, and it was designed with a very flexible centre of gravity, so that it could safely take off and land with any loading arrangement within the fuselage, to avoid the need for any skilled loading calculations.

Model of the proposed Boxer 1000 production aircraft
Boxer 1000
Great ingenuity was shown in designing the wings, elevator and fins to be interchangeable standard units built with the minimum possible number of different jigs; and the wings could be dismounted and stowed alongside the fuselage for easy transport by road, and reassembled at the airstrip. The fuselage was built in three sections, with different load-carrying centre sections, for crop-spraying, aerial photography, or passenger carrying - for 6 passengers in the planned full size version. The latest version of the Land Development Aircraft was fitted with a three-wheeled undercarriage and a 160 horse power engine, which gave it a cruising speed of 125-130 knots; and it was painted in military colours on one side and civil colours on the other side, for demonstration at the Paris Air Show! Sadly, no production company could be found to take up this original idea, and a full size version was never built.

Boxer 1000 side door variant
Boxer with side doors
Boxer 1000 on floats
Boxer 1000 on floats

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